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  • Process & fees

    Entries for 2020 have now closed. 

    The 2020 entry guidelines are available for download here.

    There are four simple steps involved in submitting your entries.

    1. Register or log in

    If you haven’t already registered or submitted an entry for this year’s program, you will need to register. This creates your account so you can make online project submissions, which you manage and may edit up until submissions close. Once you have commenced your submission, you can log in and out at any time without losing submission data.

    If you have already registered or submitted into the program, you can log in from the home page using your email address and password.

    2. Choose award category

    There are seven categories, which attract entry fees. Projects may be entered into more than one category (e.g. Best Hotel Design and Best Identity Design) and each entry requires a separate submission and fee.

    3. Create entry submission

    Before beginning your entry submission, read the conditions. Submitting an entry means that you have read and agreed to all the conditions, including obtaining appropriate releases and authorities in writing from your client, photographer and, where applicable, the principal of the design practice.

    You will be prompted to respond to specific written criteria (details following) and upload supporting materials (images and drawings) in your secure area. We recommend that you first draft your written responses in a text editor (i.e. Word) before copying them into the submission form. Remember that you can log in and out without losing submission materials.

    Submission requirements

    You must submit 6 to 10 images (not visualizations) of your project in high-resolution format. Use the highest quality JPG setting available.  TIF images will not be accepted.

    Submit JPG images that are at least 3500 pixels wide, with a file size no larger than 20 MB. Images of at least 4500 pixels wide are preferred and will enable a higher quality print coverage. If your images are coming in above the 20MB size limit, try re-saving them in Photoshop and reducing the JPEG compression level to 8.

    To maintain anonymity during judging, no design practice names may appear on images, floor plans or written support materials; however, client names may be included.

    Drawings, plans and elevations
    You should also submit up to 5 relevant drawings in vector-based PDF format (site plan, floor plan, sections, elevations and/or any other relevant drawings or diagrams), with a file size no larger than 10 MB. Drawings must include a scale bar, key and north point

    Tips on preparing your entry submission are available.

    4. Entry submission and payment

    Once you have completed steps two and three (above) you may pay and submit your project.

    The first entry attracts a fee of $225. The system will automatically charge subsequent entries (i.e. from the same applicant) at the reduced rate of $175. Each submission and payment is confirmed by the issuing of a tax receipt, sent to your email address. Retain a copy for taxation purposes.

    Visa, Mastercard and Amex are accepted. Cheques (made payable to Architecture Media Pty Ltd), may also be sent to Eat Drink Design Awards, Architecture Media Pty Ltd, Level 6, 163 Eastern Road, South Melbourne Vic 3205.

    Requests to withdraw an entry will be accepted if made in writing (eatdrinkdesign@archmedia.com.au) prior to the submission deadline of 17 July 2020, with refund of the entry fee less an administration charge of $100. After this date and up until 24 July 2020 projects may be withdrawn but the entry fee will be forfeited. After 24 July 2020, projects may not be withdrawn.