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  • Talks

    Australia’s only conference exploring hospitality design. 

    Eat Drink Design Talks gathers hospitality designers and architects together with restaurateurs
    and operators to survey the state of the industry. During this half-day conference, delegates will
    hear from experts in hospitality and design as they present practical tips, insights and learnings,
    and also reflect on how Australia became a world leader in hospitality the design of restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels.


    Tuesday 12 November
    8:30 am – 1:00 pm


    Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia
    Theatre, Ground Level
    Federation Square, Melbourne



    8.30 am  Delegate arrival

    9.00 am  Keynote speaker – Timo Bures, general manager of The Old Clare Hotel (Sydney) 

    9.45 am  Case study – Léo Terrando of SJB (Melbourne) with his clients Antoine and Nathalie Reymond, speaking about Frédéric

    10.15 am Case study – Graham Charbonneau of Studio Gram (Adelaide) with his client Simon Kardachi, speaking about Osteria Oggi and Shobosho

    10.45 am Morning tea

    11.30 am Keynote – Esther Stam, founder of Studio Modijefsky (Amsterdam)

    12.15 pm Takeaway – Moderated by Dani Valent. Panel discussion between keynote speakers
    Timo Bures and Esther Stam, with Graham Charbonneau and Simon Lockrey

    12.55 pm Closing comments


    This event is sold out.